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What is the Asian Left Forum?

The Asian Left Forum (ALF) is a new national Left formation which seeks to unite Asian American and Asian immigrant leftists in an effort to strategize around our movement. We live in a moment when reactionary forces have consolidated their effort to win greater victories for capitalism, racial and national oppression, imperialism, sexism and hetero-sexism. While many of our local organizing efforts - particularly those of working-class Asian immigrant communities - have effectively organized resistance in areas such as labor, state violence, health care, and education, a broader strategy and vision capable of defeating the reactionary tide still awaits us.

Nearly thirty years ago, the Asian American Movement taught us that Asian communities in the United States play a particular role in building unity among oppressed groups and providing alternatives to capitalism, racism and wars of imperialism. Today, perhaps more than ever, this fact continues to hold true. But we must build a movement appropriate for our time, one which embraces the diverse range of new immigrant groups, advances the feminist movement, and actively participates in the struggle against a hetero-sexist society.

As it becomes overwhelmingly difficult for us to strike at the root cause of our oppression, both the older and younger generations of Asian American activists see a need for a new vision and direction that allows for the re-emergence of an Asian Left Movement. As one of many steps toward building this movement, the Asian Left Forum provides a space where Asian American and Asian Leftists can promote alternative visions, seek unity, and work collectively towards building a united front agenda.


We invite all people of Asian descent who support the basic mission, vision and principles of unity of the ALF to join us in the ongoing organizing effort to build this movement. The ALF is a work in progress that requires and welcomes as many Asian Americans committed to Left politics as possible. We need people who have a commitment to "serving the people," who have a vision for a radically different future, and who have the dedication to move the struggle against oppression and exploitation forward.

Currently, we are developing existing local committees in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia, while also building new Locals in other cities to truly create a national dialogue on the Asian American Left. Please contact your Local for further information on activities in your area.

Updated on January 18, 2000

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