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My Web Development History

Below you will find screen shots and links to the many web pages I have developed. Most of them suck, but the most recent ones and therefore the most developed ones are listed backwards chronologically, to spare you the pain of dealing with crappy web design. Many of them are no longer up, and I am very thankful. In any case, you can see the development of my web skills, due in large part to a few classes I took and most of all, the mentorship and support of other graphic designers and friends (Props to people like Erik Matsunaga) who hooked me up with tips and/or software. If I can do web pages, you can too!




The Go For Broke Educational Foundation

I worked out the design of the site from a design that was developed by someone else. The flash work was done by someone else in the team. But it is a very complex site. Neat.




Okinawa Association of America v.2

I recently redesigned this site because I was dissatisfied with the framed version that I had done previously. While the splash page isn't much to look at, the information architecture is more clear and less flat than previously, allowing for greater intuitive clarity in its information design and allowing for greater growth.



National Homes Trust

This was the latest site that I worked on.The splash page turned out well, and while the site structure is well developed, in retrospect, I wish I had developed a better system of navigation, maybe like in this site, with drop-down menus or some other method.




Okinawa Peace Network of Los Angeles v.3

This site turned out well for me. The site structure is pretty clear, and though the information could have been organized better, the color coded schemes for the different areas worked out well. This was my first site using Macromedia Dreamweaver and Fireworks, along with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. The ease of the Macromedia suite made me wonder why I didn't use it before!



The Asian Pacific American Legal Center

This site was done almost three years ago. If I did it again, I would probably do it very differently, although it has surprisingly withstood the test of time fairly well. This was my first time doing rollovers, by drawing the buttons in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and modifying the code.



The Okinawa Association of America

This site was my first (and maybe last time) trying to use frames. I had a really difficult time with frames, and due to the difficulty of using them, I would probably limit use in the future to only two or three frames instead of the five frames in this nightmare.



The Asian Left Forum

This was another Microsoft Frontpage site. It is archived here for posterity. Please note that none of the contact information is current.



The People's Community Organization for Reform and Empowerment

Yet another ugly site done with Microsoft Frontpage!



The Imoyase Group

Another ugly site done with Microsoft Frontpage. I guess they had someone re-do this site recently. Good riddance.



The Okinawa Peace Network of Los Angeles v.2

This was the second incarnation of the website. Very ugly but functional. The first version was done with Netscape Composer. This was my first website using Microsoft Frontpage. Once again, I am thankful that this site is no longer available for public perusal.


The World Is Yours!

The very first website I ever did! Done with Netscape Composer, this was as bare bones as it gets. Thankfully this site is no longer available for public perusal.

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