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Here are some articles that are more newsy than my op-ed pieces.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013
Rafu Shimpo
Dispatches From Chicago
Nisei Shares Recollections of Life in the Windy City Prior to JA Resettlement

September 10, 2002
Asian American Movement Ezine
The Need for Speed: Asian Car Crews: Past, Present, and Future
A piece talking about the Asian American Street Racing/Car Crew scene.

June 12, 2001
Okinawa Peace Network of Los Angeles Website
A Brief History of the Uchinanchu
A piece detailing the history of the Okinawan people (Uchinanchu) in Japan and abroad.

December 18, 1997
Rafu Shimpo
"Green Light" on Asians Continues in Jail System
A piece on the "Green Light" operating in the L.A. County Jail System allowing Asians to be targeted without repercussions.

October, 1994
Pacific Ties
Key Kool: Nikkei on the Down Side
A piece on Key Kool, a local Japanese American hip-hop artist.

March, 1994
Pacific Ties
Day of Remembrance
A piece on the 13th Annual National Coalition of Redress and Reparations Day of Remembrance


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